About the department

The department was established with the establishment of the college in 1993 , and since then a large number of qualified graduates have graduated, providing the labor market and society with relevant specialized cadres.

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Building national cadres of young people who are able to keep pace with the development taking place in the world by introducing them to the English language, which is the first language in the world, and introducing them to the cultures of foreign languages, especially English and French.

Section Message

Preparing qualified graduates in teaching English for middle and secondary schools, translators from Arabic into English and vice versa, and supplying the local market and at the country level, and cadres capable of carrying out the duties of graduates of the above-mentioned language departments and any other related work.

Section goals

Achieving students’ superiority in their field of English language and literature
Supporting the labor market with the necessary competencies in English-related businesses
Keeping abreast of developments in linguistics, especially in English language and literature
Paying attention to the department's infrastructure so that it can achieve its goals
Paying attention to the health, scientific and psychological environment in the department
- Developing the skills and competencies of teachers and staff in the department